So, you know what it is you need to do, you have the plan in place, you have a goal to accomplish- BUT you just can’t seem to follow through. What is the problem!??

This is so common in many areas of our lives right? In my profession, I see this so much with health and fitness.

Here are some possible obstacles you are up against:

1. You made a plan that was unrealistic to execute. Are you really ready to make this goal a priority and put it above other things in your life?

2. You don’t like being uncomfortable. I get it, exercise is hard and literally can hurt. Eating healthy is not as fun as junk food, but these are things that lead to health. Are you willing to do things that are hard?

3. You don’t really want to change. If you are honest with yourself, you LIKE doing the things that are keeping you from success (sleeping in, eating in excess, eating at restaurants instead of cooking, drinking alcohol, staying in a negative mindset). Get real, you are not ready to give these up and make a change.

4. You are not truly ready to succeed, it is scary! If you sit down and think about what it would be like to achieve your vision- do you get anxious? Do you already think you can’t do it? Do you doubt if it is even possible? These are all negative, sabotaging mindsets that are playing into failure. You have to believe you can do it!

I know all of these barriers from personal experience at some point in my life. You have to be brutally honest with yourself before you can achieve something great.  Ask yourself the above questions and modify your plan based on the answers.


Examine your spiritual life. Are things in order? Are you trying to do life all on your own with your own agenda and all for you? Are you focused on “figuring it all out” or searching for fulfillment and validation through a change in your physique?

God uses our physique to get our attention and provoke change. He uses it to motivate us to grow closer to Him and live a better life. I found out that we can’t exclude Him from the journey and truly succeed for the long haul. If you are wanting to make an outside change- look inward first. Long-term transformation starts on the inside, then works it way out.